AWOKE India owes its genesis to a need to bridge the gap in skills related to financial management, communication & other employability skills. The group has trained over 50000+ participants across 170 cities in over 750+ programs pan India in 9 years. We cater employability skills, financial education, awareness & consulting for stakeholders across the globe.The name AWOKE is an acronym for "A Wisdom One Knowledge Enterprise". In line with its spirit, the group companies aim to bring in a new awakening by adding wisdom through their knowledge-driven initiatives for all the stakeholders. Being a training, consulting, and social enterprise, we work to strengthen individuals' skills and enable enterprises to scale greater heights.​AWOKE India Group established in 2012 has been relentlessly working towards reaching out to all the segments of society in its pursuit to train and skill them esp in the core area of financial acumen.





Image by Félix Besombes


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